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Fruit and Salad Bowl
The new wooden bowls are great for any fruit and salad presentation. Use large sizes for family style serving and smaller sizes for individual fruit and salad. strong and durable deep and heavy thickness 5.0 ∽ 5.50mm
selecte Item No Description Packing Quantity
RDB-8TD 8" 96pcs/0.042/24
RDB-10TD 10" 48pcs/0.038/19
RDB-12TD 12" 36pcs/0.037/20
RDB-14TD 14" 24pcs/0.038/18.5
RDB-16TD 16" 16pcs/0.043/17
RDB-18TD 18" 16pcs/0.054/21.5
RDB-20TD 20" 12pcs/0.060/13
RDB-22TD 22" 12pcs/0.078/13
RDB-24TD 24" 10pcs/0.091/11